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Manasul Slimming tea

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Manasul tea Cassia Senna

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MANASUL is elaborated with diverse varieties of Eastern plants specially selected, rich in medicinal, flavonoids, antracenosids and mucilage’s, able to increase intestinal mobility and to solve of natural and effective form the problems of obesity and constipation.


Manasul tea is made from Senna, also known by the old scientific name Cassia.  This Senna is an Asian shrub that grows in India, Pakistan, and China of which both the leaves and the pods are equally medicinally effective as a mild laxative. Manasul use only Senna leaves in the herbal blend, and avoid using the bitter pods. There is no comparison; the gentle flavor of Manasul is evident in every cup-full you drink



 Manasul has a diuretic and laxative effect that acts of natural form eliminating the excesses of fats and toxins, not letting you intake them, to allow you to enjoy a slim and youthful figure. Follow our advice, do a little sport, take MANASUL and you will see  and feel the results.


We advised to put a bag in a cup, leave  it in rest for 5 minutes and to take it after the supper. The first week of use take only half from the content of the cup in alternating days. And to internally delicate people you can get SMOOTH MANASUL, with equal indication and use that MANASUL.


Advice to maintain a slim appearance and to take care of your health:


  • Eliminate of diet rich foods in fats, gaseous drinks sweetened and alcohol.


  • Make physical exercise: walking 20 minutes at least three times per week.


  • Take after supper, slimming MANASUL, which is a tea made of Medicinal Plants, of pleasant flavor. Is elaborated with natural tea of legendary Cassia from India... A glass of water reinforces its effects.


  • The statements appearing on this website and on the individual products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As always, consult your doctor before beginning a new health regimen

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Manasul other teas:
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manasul relaxul: for a relaxing state of mind

This is the result of scientific investigations on plants to find natural relaxing and tranquilizing products that are healthy and efficient in solving problems of stress, exams, worries, insomnia and nervousness that are so frequent in today's world. RELAXUL contains Medicinal Plants such as the Melisa, rich in essential oils for use as an antispasmodic and sedative. Today RELAXUL is a widely consumed product on an international scale. Buy RELAXUL and you will see its beneficial effects for yourself.

We recommend two doses a day, preferably with two tea bags per cup, after lunch and dinner.


manasul chamomille: soothing antispetic relaxing

Only the heart of the flower contains the properties of the Chamomile, that is why "LA LEONESA CHAMOMILE TEA" is 100% pure chamomile. Without leaves or stalk. Only the heart. In its preparation flowers are selected, vacuumed and sterilized.  Collected in the highest areas in the mountains of Leon. That is where the flower grows in all its splendor and accumulates the essences, camazulene and flavonoids which make this herbal tea an excellent digestive and antispasmodic tonic. It can be taken as many times a day as you wish.

Only the heart of the flower contains all the properties of chamomile tea.

The rest -leaves and stalk- do not contain the properties that have made chamomile one of the most traditionally appreciated herbal teas for its sedative and digestive effects.

"LA LEONESA CHAMOMILE TEA " is 100% chamomile. Pure and clean. Without leaves or stalks. Only the heart.

Manasul Boldo
Boldo Tea by Bioplán is a digestive, choleretic and cholagogue stimulant. It is a sedative for the nervous system, with diuretic and carminative effects.

It is recommended for problems of the gallbladder and liver, gallstones and slow digestion processes.

Place the little bag in a cup of boiling water and cover for 5 minutes


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